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Closing Cost Summary

The following items represent some of the standard closing costs for the purchase of a residential home within the HRM. Please note that some of these fees will vary based on  the county and service provider. Prices are shown for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.


Deed Transfer tax:  Calculated at 1.5% of the purchase price of the home (for HRM). Note that NS non-residents must pay an additional 5%, if they will not be residents within 6 months of the closing date.


Property Tax Adjustment: Given that property taxes are paid in advance; the Seller will require a credit for any portion of taxes paid for tax days subsequent to the closing date. Conversely, if there are tax arrears on the property the Purchaser's lawyer will deduct these arrears from the funds payable to the Seller.


Fuel Adjustment: If home is oil heated, the Seller will typically require a credit for a full tank of fuel on closing. The cost for oil usually falls between $1300-1500 dollars depending on tank size and fuel provider.


If the home uses propane for auxiliary heating (eg. propane fireplace), a credit will also be required for both fuel and tank lease.


Title Insurance / Location Certificate: Most lenders typically require either a location certificate or title insurance for the property. If the Seller does not have a location certificate in their possession the Purchaser can order a new location certificate or obtain title insurance in lieu thereof which covers both owner and lender. A standard title insurance policy for homes under $500K can typically be purchased for under $300.


Tax Certificate: Certificate issued by respective county certifying status of property tax account for the subject property - $100 for homes within the H.R.M.


Tax Information: HRM charges $11.50 to provide tax information over the phone for a particular property.


SNSMR Recording Fees: Service Nova Scotia charges $100 for each document recorded at the Land Registry Office for the respective county. Most property transactions require two (2 x $100) recording fees for both mortgage and deed.


Legal Fees: Fee charged by lawyer to facilitate the transaction. Our firm fee for a standard purchase ranges between $850 - $1000 depending on the nature of the transaction.  Potential clients are encouraged to call beforehand to obtain a quote for legal services.


Courier: A courier service will be required on closing day to deliver closing packages to  the Seller's law office. A typical courier charge will range between $25-$40 within the  HRM.


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